Favorite event on the holidays

Hey guys,

our school just had a 2 week break and over that break I did quite a lot of things but im going to tell you my favorite thing I did on the holidays.

My favorite thing I did on the holidays was going to the comedy festival to see the Mr.G summer heights high singalong.

the whole day was filled with laughter, as everyone sang and said his most popular lines from the show.

I had such a fun time and if it comes back again I would see it again.




The Mr G Summer Heights High Singalong

My Buddy

Today I will talk about my buddy Conner, Conner likes to play soccer and jump on the trampoline and do summer salts on the grass.

Conner’s favorite animal is tigers and playing with his brother called lachlan.

Connors favorite food is lasagna and his favorite colors are blue, yellow, orange and red.


The importance of sleep

Our body needs sleep because if we can became stressed, tired and sick thru out the day, a perfect night of sleep consist of 9 hours of sleep for kids and teens and for adults about 6 hours.

when you are about to go to bed try to turn off technology because the light because the brain thinks it is day time and is harder to get to sleep.

How do you go to sleep?

Blog goals for 2016

Hey guys,

Today I want to tell you my goals for 2016.

I want to try to post more posts about my learning, as long as its interesting I will probably post it on my blog.

Last year It took me like a month to make a post.

I hope I can complete this goal for 2016.

The Zika Virus

The zika virus is found from mosquitoes, if pregnant women`s get bitten it can cause there baby’s to have small heads or small brains.

The zika virus was founded in 1947 which  a monkey had it, the virus has spread-ed and it is mainly found in Brazil.

It hasn’t really effected Australia but there have been some who have got the virus in Australia, it hasn’t killed anyone yet and hopefully it never kills somebody.

First Term Of School

The seniors of st Luke’s are finally back with a whole new year of learning, our term of school is here and we are already In our 4th week I hope to make more post soon so stayed tuned till I make another post.


Bottled water-Buy it or not?

In 2010 Nestle put out an article saying “bottled water is much better than tap water” they didn’t say that  exactly but it was something like that.

But hey, why buy bottled water when you can just get tap water in your own home.

The only time you should buy tap water is if the water there is polluted or the pipes haven’t been cleaned .

But really, there is no use to buy bottled water, The big companies are just using us so they can get money, because in the end, these big companies don’t care about the people that buy it, all they want is the money to make there companies go higher and higher till they became rich and that means everyone will be buying there products.

But yeah, you shouldn’t be buying bottled water unless you really need to.

Here is the video where I got most of my references from.

I hope you enjoy it, BYE:3