Sports report

What an exciting day for Australia, on the opening night of the 2016 Rio olympics and especially for Cate and Bronte Campbell, Emma McKeon and Brittany Elmslie.


On the first day of the 2016 olympic games the Australian 4x100m women’s team win gold and break the own world record which they set in the 2012 olympic games.


“This one was different than the one four years ago because it was expected and it’s always a lot harder to do something when it’s expected,” said Cate Campbell, after leading the relay home.
2016 world record time: 3.30.65


First week of term 4

The seniors of st luke’s are back with our last term of the year,

this week we have played sport, had our priest come visit and talk to us about some things.

We have also been finishing are artwork for our upcoming art show, we have learnt italian and also learnt stuff about music.

That is only the start of the term we have a lot more stuff to do like go to camp, go to msac and have our t20 cricket with other schools.

The whole school can already tell that term 4 will probably be the funnest term in the whole year.