Eureka Stockade

in the 1850s, people from all around the world came to Ballarat to mine for gold, but it wasn’t easy as they thought it would be.


The Government saw what was happening and told the miners that they would to pay 30 shillings for a licence,


Each month they would have to pay a fee of 10 shillings, if they did not pay this they would be tied to a log till they got the money.


But in 1853 the miners stood up to this by raising their own flag to show that they didn’t want to pay anymore.


It was followed along with a big fight and the  miners building there own wooden stockade, 22 miners and 8 soldiers died in the fight.
3 years later the miners had the right to vote, after the vote the miners were able to mine in peace without the government ripping them off.








2 thoughts on “Eureka Stockade

  1. G’day Dylan,
    My name is Rian Prestwich and I am a uni student who will be checking in on your student blogging challenge and inviting you to a conversation. Feel free to reply and ask me questions if you’d like.

    This was a great blog entry regarding the Eureka Stockade. Have you ever been to Ballarat where it occurred?

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge, make sure you check back in regularly!
    – Rian

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  2. G`day Rian
    thanks for visiting my blog and reading my eureka stockade post, yes I have been to Ballarat and it was a blast.

    I hope I see you more on my blog,Thanks!! 🙂

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