What I did on my school holidays

 I had an amazing break these couple of weeks we had off it was awesome, one of the most awesome things I did on my holidays was going to the city.


It was delightful looking around the city but the main reason I was here was because of the comedy festival so before we went there we had a look around.


But I was so excited for it I was jumping around but I had to keep calm, when we got to the comedy theatre I had a look around and also had my photo taken with Mr. G.


Finally I got into the theater and the Mr.G summer heights high singalong started, I was laughing non stop.


It was a awesome show and if it comes back I would go to it again and I took some photos with the new family camera.


Another thing I did was go down to Rye, But before we left my brother and I played cricket, I hit I hit the ball on top of the roof. I also had time for the playstation 4 so I also played on that.


And then I went down to Rye but we only came down to do work.


The next day I went straight down to forrest hill to go to Time zone with angelo and it didn’t rain when we walked home so we didn’t need an umbrella.


When I got home I had a drink of water, and like James, I didn’t play the xylophone and I also didn’t play with a yo yo and if I went to the zoo I probably would have seen the zebras.
I had an amazing holiday and it would probably go down with one of the best holidays i’ve ever had.

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