Orangutans are the world’s largest tree-climbing mammals. But their fIn addition, orangutans are hunted in some areas for food. They are also sometimes killed when they move into agricultural areas and destroy crops. orest habitat in Indonesia and Malaysia is rapidly disappearing, putting the future of Asia’s only great ape in peril.

Habitat loss is by far the greatest threat to orangutans. Huge tracts of forest have been cleared throughout their range and the land used for agriculture, particularly palm oil – a product that is found in more than half of packaged products in supermarkets around the world.

And fire is also a major threat. In 1997-98, the drainage of peat-swamp forest contributed to uncontrollable fires in Kalimantan, which lasted for 6 months and killed up to 8,000 orangutans.

My favorite biome

Hi everyone

Today i`m going to tell you my favorite biome.

My favorite biome is The Aquatic biome because it has lots of lakes ponds rivers  and streams and all that water stuff.

some animals found in marine biomes include star fishes, sharks and tuna and sea birds.

Examples of animals in freshwater biomes include salmon, tilapia worms, water-surface insects and crabs.

It also has lots of oceans corals and reefs.

These biomes make up about 73% of the total earth’s surface.

Hope you learned a bit about the aquatic biome.


How baboons have adapted to change

Something extraordinary has happened in the grassland of Kenya and today I’m gonna tell you this extraordinary occurrence.


The women that are post graduates that work for Dr shirley strum are anthropologist and observers of the olive baboon (papio anubis).


the prickly pears are what the olive baboons eat, They rub them in dirt to get all the hair off.


The fruit packs a vitamins punch with sugar and water but no fat or protein, the prolific and plentiful plant is so handy for them.