St. Luke’s Mini fair

Today at St Luke’s, there was a mini fair and we were raising money for bahay tuluyan.

There where different stalls set up around the school like, chocolate throw,book store,face paint and more.

The fair started at 9:00 and ended at 11:00 witch it recces at our school.

Our class was in charge of the chocolate throw witch was one of the most popular ones.

the healthy store was one of the least popular but still sold well same as the book store.

It was a great fun and I hope they do another one next year and hopefully bahay tuluyan reach there goal to build there rice field.


The Arrival by Shaun tan

The Arrival is a migrant story told as a series of wordless images that might seem to come from a long forgotten time. It is about a man who travels to an unknown country on the other side of a vast ocean. He eventually finds himself in a bewildering city of foreign customs, peculiar animals,curious floating objects and indecipherable languages.