Nine years ago,scientists launched a space craft named New Horizon  into space to take pictures of the dwarf planet,  Pluto.

In 2006, New Horizon set off to take pictures of Pluto. As the camera was further away, the pictures were blurry,but when it got closer the pictures uncovered more about Pluto and the secrets behind it.

I feel that we are uncovering things about space every day.



My Holidays


Today im gonna tell you 3 things I did on the holidays.

Well the first thing was I went bowling with my family, my sister won both games but I still had a fantastic time.

The second thing I did was going to the movies to see Jurassic world, it was a awesome movie from the start and to the end.

The third  thing was going to one of my friends house for a sleepover, it was great and i had a awesome time.


Football Finals

On Friday June 17th we went to play footy. when we got there we had to wait 30 minutes to play our game because of a bye

But when we did start playing we didn’t waste one second, it was a nail biting ending with Syndal South  just winning.

Then we did some more training and watch some of the other game to get some ideas.

The next team we played Jells Park who were a big team to vs but we tried our hardest to win but we still lost.

At the end of the day I thought it was a great and interesting day.