My thoughts on the student blogging challenge

Well, as the student blogging challenge come to a close, I thought it would be sensible to give my thoughts on what it was like.

If you didn’t know this was my first blogging challenge I ever did.

I thought it was a really fun 10 weeks, My favorite week was week three because I loved making the toondoo about what you can do and what you cant do on the internet.

But to sum it all up, the student blogging challenge was a fun and great experience that I want to do again.

If you want to visit the student blogging challenge copy and paste the link below


BYE ;=


Confirmation traffic light blogging reflection

What might I stop?

I try to stop People from littering on the streets because a lot of people litter and a lot of people hate when they see people do that so I will try to stop it.

What might I think

I would probably be thinking why are they doing this, cant they just put it in the bin or put it in there pocket?

What might I start

Maybe tell the government to put more bins around Australia or have a fund raiser to make money to give to the government to put more bins around Australia.