Punctuation things to remember

Hers things to remember about punctuation


1. Full stop , or period (.)

  • Used a full stop at the end of a sentence:
    She stood up and went away. She was furious.
  • Used for abbreviations:
    Co. (Company)
    M.P. (Member of Parliament)


2. Question marks (?)

  • Question marks are used at the end of direct questions:
    Where do you live?
    Are you crazy?
    Did you do the homework?
  • Use a question mark at the end of tag questions:
    You will help me, won’t you?
    He likes soccer, doesn’t he?

3. Exclamation marks (!)

  • Used to indicate strong emotions:
    She’s so beautiful!
    What a nice girl!
    How interesting!
  • Used after interjections:
    Oh! It’s awful.
    Hi! What’s up?