The dream giver

The dream giver is a short 6 minute mini movie about a magical guy who fly’s and gives out  dreams,One of his dreams goes to far and sends a boy in trouble with a big dragon monster,suddenly he comes and saves the boy and then the monster turns into a tree,then the boy wakes up to find the book that he was in right next him and his window wide open.I think the moral of the story is dreams will come true if you use your imagination,I thought it had some pretty good animation with its dark background.

My goals for 2015

This year in 2015 I hope to blog more on my new blog,on my kid blog I wasn’t posting that much but I promise this year I will.I will post about school work and inquiry based stuff on here.

teenage boys space mission

17 year old Jonah from Queensland is obsessed with space,he got his first telescope when he was 15 and he uses it ever since.But he decided to take his space knowledge to the next level,he used a whether balloon to use a box and attach a camera to it,He reach his to see the black space and then the balloon popped.

The story behind pancake Tuesday!

Today is Tuesday but not just any Tuesday its pancake Tuesday so I thought I could tell you the story. The name Shrove Tuesday comes from the christian custom of confessing sins and absolved just before lent. Shrove Tuesday was once a time to get rid of all the milk,butter and eggs left in the kitchen.The ingredients were often to make pancakes,Which is the way the English call it pancake Tuesday.

One small step for man

On July 16 1969 three men of the name of Neil Armstrong,buzz Aldrin and Michel Collins attempted what man kind would never do,they went to the moon.It took them three days and over 300k to get there,but it was all worth it and it is known as one of man kinds greatest achievements. NASA is thinking of sending people to the moon to test if it is safe to send people to mars.